BS-MS (dual degree)

This is a five-year programme that introduces students to various areas in Mathematics and its applications. The programme trains students with varied backgrounds and career aims by offering a solid foundation in mathematics. This programme provides students with the opportunity to explore and nurture interdisciplinary interests by allowing them to take courses in other disciplines of science and engineering. In the final year of the programme, each student undertakes a project in an advanced topic, under the supervision of a faculty member. This is aimed at helping students make a well-informed decision about pursuing a career in academia, or otherwise.

  • Guidelines for 5th year project work

Ph.D. Programme

Students enrolled in this programme undergo rigorous training in traditional areas of mathematics such as algebra, analysis, and topology, before exploring a specialized topic of interest from a broad spectrum of areas.

Guideline & Forms
  • PhD Form A Written Comprehensive
  • PhD Form B Oral Comprehensive
  • PhD Form C Graduate Seminar
  • PhD Annual Progress Report
  • PhD Brochure

Integrated Ph.D. Programme

This programme was introduced in the beginning of academic year 2013-14 to attract students who aspire to pursue research at an early stage in their academic career. The programme provides an opportunity to the student for strengthening their understanding of the core areas of mathematics, before they begin an advanced study in their topic of interest.

Guideline & Forms
  • IPhD Form B Oral Comprehensive
  • IPhD Form C Graduate Seminar
  • IPhD Form D Continuation
  • IPhD Annual Progress Report
  • IPhD Brochure