Name of the Faculty Project Title Funding Agency Amount Start Date
Vivek Sadhu Relative Brauer groups and etale cohomology SERB DST 6,00,000/- 14-03-2019
Rohit Dilip Holkar Universal properties for C*-algebras associated with groupoids, and KMS states on groupoid C*-algebras SERB 2,00,000/annum 12-11-2020
Rohit Dilip Holkar KMS states on the C*-algebras of Fell bundles over étale groupoids SERB 13,89,344/- 11-11-2020
Karam Deo Shankhadhar Elliptic and Siegel cusp forms: Fourier coefficients and L-functions SERB (DST) 16,89,600/- 16/3/2018
Prahlad Vaidyanathan Nonstable K-theory for C*-algebras SERB 6,60,000/- 11-12-2020
Nikita Agarwal "EErgodic Properties of Open Dynamical Systemss" SERB 24,44,200/- 09-01-2020
Kashyap Rajeevsarathy Pseudoperiodic mapping classes and contact structures SERB 23,59,350/- 10-11-2008
Kashyap Rajeevsarathy Fractional powers of Dehn twists SERB (Ramanujan Fellowship) 79,60,000/- 11-02-2011
Rahul Garg Some problems in harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces and Heisenberg groups DST 35,00,000/- 26-10-2015
Dr. Sombuddha Bhattacharyya Inverse Problems for Elliptic PDEs IISER Bhopal 4,00,000/- 01-04-2021
Dr. Dheeraj Kulkarni Topological Properties of Engel Structures SERB 19,38,420/- 26-10-2018
Kartick Adhikari The homological connectivity and the persistent homology of random geometric simplicial complexesnt  DST - Inspire 35,00,000/- 01-08-2021
Kumar Balasubramanian Some Problems on Metaplectic Groups  SERB 6,60,000/- 21-02-2020
Ajit Bhand Infinite product representations of modular forms SERB 6,60,000/- 24-02-2020


Name Pankaj Kapari
Roll No. 180404
Awards Prime Minister's Research Fellowship
Name Shubham Jathar
Roll No. 180407
Awards Prime Minister's Research Fellowship
Name Renu
Roll No. 160403
Awards Prime Minister's Research Fellowship
Name Aniruddha S
Roll No. 180401
Awards Prime Minister's Research Fellowship
Name Diksha
Roll No. 1910401
Awards NBHM
Name Prerak deep
Roll No. 1910403
Awards Prime Minister's Research Fellowship


Name Roll No. Fellowships / Awards details
Rajesh Dey 170401 Institute Fellowship
Chaitanya J. Kulkarni 1810401 CSIR-SRF
Riju Basak 150407 CSIR Fellowship
Md Amir Hossain 1810402 CSIR-NET
Sureshkumar M 2110405 UGC CSIR NET
Surjeet Singh Choudhary 1910405 CSIR-JRF
Satyajit Maity 2020403 UGC JRF
Shubham Ramkisan Jathar 180407 CSIR - JRF
Shubham Ramkisan Jathar 180407 CSIR NET